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A new digital era
in the history of art.

Imagine a world where artists can spread theirs masterpieces in a new, digital way, delivering art experience directly to your device.

Innovation in art

We extend traditional art possibilities with the high tech potential.

Join our ecosystem of digital tools that change the face of art on multiple levels. Become a part of a global revolution that transforms and disrupts the current status quo.

Artists and patrons

We support the global artist community creating digital tools and free resources.

Culture institutions and more

We deliver new digital strategies for art galleries, museums and shopping malls in the post-pandemic world

Collectors and investors

We help to Invest and collect uniqe art masterpieces in a secure and user-friendly way.

Digital ecosystem

Our mission is to deliver a better digital experience to art-lovers all around the world creating a complete digital ecosystem with well-crafted products:



The most eco-friendly Art Exchange platform dedicated for both digital and non-digital artists.

in progress

Art as a service

Easy way to rent an art experience for artists using digital signage ecosystem all over the world.


NFT Guidebook

An open, public-domain guidebook moderated by the best universities written for artists and collectors.

in progress


Virtual space for art institutions delivering an unique channel to present and sell artworks digitally.

In progress

Smart NFT standard

Constantly-developing, blockchain-agnostic NFT standard well describing art objects that artists deserve. Typography

In progress

Art tokenizer

The easiest way to digitize and tokenize physical artwork created by humans for humans.


Since the early stage of SmartVerum, we’re precisely building a global, diversified, community-driven organization.

Strategic Advisors

Maciej Gaca, PhD

A sinologist, a diplomat, a founder, and the first director of the Polish Institute in Beijing, in 2015–2019 general director (ambassador) of the Polish Office in Taipei. Currently associated with the University of Nicholas Copernicus in Toruń

Bogusz Kończak

Entrepreneur, a manager experienced in leading top-performing teams for Nationale Nederlanden, an investor in real estate and blockchain projects. Co-founder and CEO at, active in the Crypto Industry since 2016.

Anna Streżyńska

In the years 2006-2012, the regulator of the telecommunications market (introducing broadband internet to polish citizens). In 2015 – 2018 polish Minister of Digital Affairs and initiator of projects in the field of digital identity. A lawyer by education. Currently, Anna works as a CEO at MC2 Innovations.

prof. Marek Wasilewski

An artist, an academic teacher who taught at universities in the UK, USA, Poland, Sweden, France. His works were exhibited in Warsaw, Beijing, Tel Aviv, New York Istambul, and Berlin. The head of the Doctoral Studies in the University of Arts in Poznań and the director of The Arsenal Municipal Gallery.


Ready for new chapter in the art history?

We’re creating a global community of people and institutions working together transforming a digital experience of art into something brilliant.

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